Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Baby picture #2!!

I went in to see my OB today because of my nausea and she tried to hear the baby with a doppler with no luck. I was a little worried but she said "we'll just do a quick ultrasound." As soon as she put the wand on my tummy I could see the baby plain as day and it was waving and kicking!! I couldn't believe that just 3 weeks ago it was a blob and now it has arms and legs and it's moving! Oh and since I've been doing IV hydration I feel a million times better. I guess you could say today was a good day!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Have Fun

Well, as you can see from one of Wendy's previous posts she has revoked my blogging privileges for not updating it on a timely fashion. Well you know what, Shakespeare didn't write a book every day, Da Vinci didn't paint a new Mona Lisa every day and much like those two, I need time to create a masterpiece. I am not saying I would be ranked up there with the all-time greats, but I am assuming my name would come up in the conversation. Anyway back to my point, due to Wendy telling me I can't be on here I just wanted to let you know that from now on instead of all you readers getting the opportunity to read my funny anecdotes, clever wording and gut busting jokes you now get to read Wendy's posts about placentas, fetal heart rates, mornashao00 soifs940ijdsavoajdf09u3240rjefja0ufd09w309. Whoops sorry about that, I fell asleep from boredom for a second. Well anyway, have fun, if you would like me back as a consistent contributor to this maybe start on online petition or something.

Monday, January 29, 2007

My First Hospital Visit!

On Saturday I ended up going into the hospital upon the urging of my co-workers. I thought I was fine because I haven't been throwing up but my Dr. so kindly reminded me that if I don't drink anything it doesn't matter if I'm throwing up or not. Long story short, I was loaded up with fluids and meds and sent home with an IV for hydration. Starting today an OB homecare nurse will be visiting me to make sure I'm hydrated and decide if I need a continuous infusion of medication through a little pump for my nausea. I asked Cody if I have the pregnancy glow yet and he said "Yeah, from all of the oil on your face!" Ha Ha. Isn't he hilarious. Otherwise everything seems to be going well. The baby is sure getting all it needs from me!


Friday, January 26, 2007

Spread the News!

Well, I've finally decided it's time to share our good news with our families. Now all of you can join us on this journey through this web site. I hope everyone enjoys the excitement as much as we have. A little tip...the oldest post (the first post) is at the bottom of the page and the newest is at the top.



Thursday, January 18, 2007

7 1/2 weeks

Well, the original plan was for Cody to update the blog but If I waited for that the next entry would read "The Baby has Arrived!" so I've decided to take over the duties. I am 7 1/2 weeks and I had my first appointment with my OB yesterday. She said everything was looking really good and the baby continues to measure right on with my dates. The OB is going to stick with my original due date of September 3rd. She also gave me Zofran to help with the nausea so I can go back to feeling human again. That's about all that is new but we will keep you updated if anything else comes up!


Friday, January 12, 2007

Baby's First Picture

Today Cody and I were able to see our little one on ultrasound. The baby measured right on at 6wks 4 days and the heartbeat was 120 which is perfect. Seeing that heartbeat made everything so real. There really is a baby in there!! Cody swears he saw a penis and that it was bigger than the heart. I call that wishful thinking!
Right now it doesn't look like much but to us it's the most beautiful baby in the world (except for your children of course)


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Morning, Noon and Night Sickness!

Well the nausea has officially set in at 6 1/2 weeks and it's not just in the morning. Pretty much the only time I fell normal is while I'm eating. I feel sick before and after eating but not during. If this keeps up I am guaranteed to surpass the recommended weight gain!! Luckily the nausea is not accompanied by a visit to the Porcelain Goddess! I'm not a fan of feeling this way but I am so grateful for this pregnancy and if this is what it takes then I will endure it with the smallest amount of complaining possible.