Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's been a while...

As of Saturday we are officially in our new house. It's been hectic but it's nice to be "home". We have decided to forego the internet at this time only because our computer is nonfunctioning and we don't have the time, energy, money to get a new one. Until then I will be surfing the net occasionally from Ma and Pa's house when we make it over there. This also means fewer posts. I know it will be hard not knowing what's happening in this crazy life of our but if you are truly that interested you can call us:)

In other news Cody is still struggliing with back issues and has scheduled surgery which will be happening in the next week or two. We didn't want to resort to surgery but it seems we have no choice.

So, I will try to update occasioanlly and I will keep of with all of you as well!

The Schmidt's

P.S. If you would like our new address just e-mail me or leave a comment. I've recently been made aware of some unwanted visitors on our blog (none of you, just creepy people looking for certain baby pics if you know what I mean) so I won't be posting our address here and I removed it from a previous post.