Friday, April 17, 2009

Pictues, Pictures and More Pictures

Fin getting her Easter basket from Nana Schmidt. (In reverse order of course:)

As you can see she was quite excited about the Easter Basket.

Finley and her 1st cousin once removed, Sylvia, at Easter with the Kautzmans.

Her Easter basket from Nana and Papa Wald.

Easter with the Bosch side. Finley and Landon were the entertainment.

Pictures of the farm in Linton post flood. The creek is usually on the other side of the trucks in the picture.

I'm standing in the same spot in this pic as the last one just facing the opposite direction. You can see the farm in the background. The water got into the garage but not the house. Notice the large dead fish at the bottom of the pic.

Bottle feeding a baby calf...

and visiting the baby chicks.

And Easter ant Nana and Papa Schmidt's house. Fin and Maddy had an Easter egg hunt indoors this year due to weather. As you can tell Fin was immediately post bath:)

Fillin' up her bucket!

It was a very busy Easter full of family. We are moving into our house in 3 weeks and anyone is welcome to help:)
Cody has also been having back troubles lately. He had an MRI so hopefully we'll get some more info on how to get him back to normal. That's the short of it!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Together Again

We are back together again as a family. Cody joined us on Friday and he will be starting his new job at Investment Centers of America next Monday. It's good to have him with us again.
We have also found a home to call ours here in ND. Nothing is ever for sure until the papers are signed but if all goes according to plan we close on May 6th.

Future Schmidt Home