Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Morning!!

Last night was better! Finley only woke up 3 times which is much improved from Wednesday's 10 times! I hope it only gets better. Here are a few pics I snapped in her Johnny Jump-Up yesterday and in her play gym this morning. I liked so many of the pics so I just posted them all.
Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh sleep how I miss Thee!

Of all of the things I wish my daughter would have inherited from me, my love of sleep is at the top of the list. Unfortunately that did not happen. Last night may have been the all time high number of times she woke up at around 10 times. I'm not sure the exact number partially due to the fact that she got up so many times and I just lost track and also because I am delirious because of sleep deprivation. My daughter hates sleep. She hates going to sleep, she hates staying asleep and most of all she hates sleeping in her own crib as opposed to our bed. I have tried letting her cry it out (she becomes hysterical) I've tried going in and comforting her but not picking her up (more hysteria) I've tried giving her the passy and turning on her waterfall machine (that works just long enough for me to get warm under the covers) and I've tried nursing her to sleep which works but she wants to nurse 3-5 times a night.

I am at a loss. How did a child who came from me, someone who loves to sleep, come to be anti sleep? Sleep is great! I just want to tell her what a wonderful thing she is missing out on and depriving her parents of. Unfortunately she is 6 months old and she doesn't listen very well (not that her listening skills will improve with age) and she doesn't understand the pain she is causing her mother. Lucky for her she is the cutest baby night or day, sleep or no sleep. Ugh! The joys of motherhood.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We are home!!!

We are finally in our new house and it feels so good! We moved in on Saturday so we ae still getting settled but we are thouroughly enjoying having our own space again. Finley has done a lot of growing in the past 2 months so I've posted an aray of pics. There are also a few pics of the house and I will post more after we get a bit more organized.
My absolute favorite part of the house. My HUGE walk in closet!! Note that my clothes are hung and oganized while Cody's remain scatered on the floor, in suitcases but mostly "packed" in garbage bags on the floor.

Our ugly but comfortable family room. It needs new paint, carpet and a mantle but the fireplace makes the room so warm and cozy.
The "work in progress" part of the house. Before we moved in we painted the living room, dining room, porch and finley's room. Cody also scraped the ceilings and painted. Luckily we had lots of help from Gary, Beth and Riley.
My Mom and Dad came down for the weekend to help us move and they bought the Johnny Jump up with or as Cody calls it the Johnny Brain damage Jump Up. Finley loves it! She just screams and giggles. It is so adorable.
these are a few after pics at our mini house warming party.

The dining room.
Fin's hair is coming in nicely.
A girl I work with made this hat. Isn't it just adorable! She has also learned to spit (thanks to daddy). That is what she is doing in this picture.
A couple before shots. Sorry the pics are out of order. I'm still figuring the details of blogging out.

Uncle Aaron and Fin at our friends house where we lived. As you can see he fed her.

Saying her prayers.
Here are a few pics from Christmas. opening gifts with the Wald's and spending some time with Travis and Sarah.

The friends we stayed with have a baby that is 3 weeks older than Fin. His name is Fletcher and it was so fun to watch the 2 babies interact.

He liked pulling off Finley's socks.
More Chritmas photos.

hanging with cousin Mady.

At Chritmas we had a chance to get a Wald 4 generation photo.

I will post more house pics after we get a bit more settled. We are exhausted but so happy to finally be in our own home. Thank you so much to all of the family who came and helped to paint, move, organize and clean. We couldn't have done it without you!!!
Forgive my spelling. Spell check isn't working.