Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bathroom Redo's

The past 2 weekends have been full of bathroom redos. Cody did most of the work with me in charge of childcare, clean up and decor. We did both jobs for under $300 total! I'm pretty proud of Cody. He did a great job.

Main floor bath before...

and after (with a blurry pic of Fin:)

And the master bath before...

and after. (Ignore the light fixture. It will be replaced soon!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas, New Year's, an Anniversary and Whole Lot of Sickness!

First a warning, this a long post with lots of pictures. That's what happens when you wait so long to post:) Well, over the last few weeks Fin and I went home to Bismarck for Christmas and while we were there we celebrated with Cody's Mom's family, my Dad's family, my Mom's family and my immediate family. Lots of traveling, lots of family and lots of fun! We came home last Sunday, the same day Nana and Papa Schmidt came and stayed with us until yesterday. Mix in there the flu )my mom, dad and my brother's girlfriend) and some nasty head colds (pretty much all of us) and you've got a bust household. Oh and of course Cody and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on New Year's and tomorrow (1/7) is Cody's 34th birthday. So here are some pictures from all of the festivities and once again they are completely out of order!
This was this week here at home. poor Fin was fighting a horrible head cold and she was exhausted. She just fell right asleep on the couch which she never does.

She is also doing much better with utensils. here she eating her 2 favorite foods, pudding and applesauce.

Fin opening her gifts from Nana and Papa Schmidt,
My Dad's family always has Santa come to Christmas. We tried to put her on his lap but she out of there as soon as I set her down so this was the best I could get.

Helping Nana open her gifts.

Sitting in her booster chair at Grandma and Grandpa Wald's house.

Opening her wooden puzzle from Santa.

This is my cousin Landon.He is 1 day older than Fin and he always wants to help his Mom vacuum so he got a mini dirt devil. He was so cute vacuuming the carpet.

Snuggling with Uncle Travis.

All of the grandkids that were at Christmas with Grandma Bosch

Christmas with the Bosch clan.

Finley also got here first trim from Aunt Lenore. She did great and just played with whatever was on the counter.

Opening gifts at Grandma and Grandpa Wald's house.

Since Cody had to stay home for work we included him in gift opening via webcam. Finley was so cute when she saw him. She tried kissing the computer and she kept saying "hi"over and over to him. She definitely missed her Daddy and I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual :)

Making homemade ice cream.

Getting ready ready for Christmas dinner.
Finley loved watching Grandpa shave with the electric razor.

Everyone in their Christmas outfits.

This was my angel when I was little. Fin loved giving her hugs and kisses.

The kids table at the Kautzman's. (Cody's Mom's family)