Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Week of Firsts!

This week has been an eventful week in the Schmidt household! Fin got her first 2 teeth (on the top in the middle) and has her first ear infection. Lucky for us she LOVES her medicine. As soon as she she's the syringe she gets so excited and sucks down the meds. She had a few rough nights at the beginning of the week but she is feeling much better.
We also went to our first apple orchard. They had a petting zoo, pony rides and an array of apple products in The Apple Barn. We enjoyed some wonderful cider and apple doughnuts.
Finley has also become quite the little monkey. Today she mastered the fridge.

And yesterday the chair. She never sits in the chair just climbs to her knees and then promptly stands up. We've been telling her no and then sitting her on her butt but then she gets off, turns around and climbs back on and stands up. Lately if we say NO a little more firmly she will scream and scream. Such a wonderful phase!

The petting zoo at the apple orchard.

We went to the orchard with our friends Eddie, Airika and Fletcher.

Finley is really enjoying her push toy. She can go forever as long as nothing gets in her way and there are no corners. When she does get hung up she stands there and whines until someone helps her out.

Here is a video of her toddling around with her car. Sorry it's sideways :(

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Visitors!

We've been a little busy the past couple weekends! Last weekend I was personal attendant in my cousin Tara's wedding in Fargo but I forgot my camera so no photos from that event :( This weekend Cody's parents came from ND and his sister Ahnee and niece Maddy came from CA. We did a little shopping, visiting and had a photo shoot with Nana, Papa and the girls. We (Maddy and Fin) also had a little fun in the leaves. No piles of leaves in CA!
Maddy and Finley enjoying messing up Cody's hard work.

Finley does like her bath time and was trying to crawl in before it was ready.

The girls sitting and papa's lap.

Thursday, October 9, 2008