Thursday, February 26, 2009

Living in Chaos

No pictures this week. I've been a little busy with this moving thing. I am so ready for this to be over!! Between carpet layers, hardwood floor guys, cleaning services, real estate agents and coordinating moving trucks, storage units (we'll be living with my parents for a while. Thanks Mom and Dad!!) and of course packing I'm done!! Oh and I still have that curious little toddler wondering around undoing everything I do. I just want to be in Bismarck and have this place on the market. Cody has a couple job possibilities so keep him in your prayers. And the thing that makes me most anxious is having to put Finley in a different daycare. Luckily I have a week in Bis before I start work so I'll take her for a few hours everyday and stay with her but I'm still nervous.

Well enough stress relief for now. Thanks to all of those who have or will help us. We have wonderful family friends that we are SO grateful for!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Going Home

I love the piggies!

Eating BBQ for Uncle Aaron's Bday.

Uncle Aaron and Fin.
We have a little news here in the Schmidt household...we're moving home!! After lots of thought and consideration Cody and I have decided to move a little closer to our families. Fin and I will be moving in a couple weeks and Cody will stay behind for a little while to get the house on the market.
Although we are excited to be going back to Bismarck, we are so sad to leave our home of the last 4.5 yrs. We love the cities and the friends and family members that are here. It will be so hard to say good-bye but in the end we feel Bismarck is the best place for us during this stage of our lives and having Fin close to her grandparents is going to be so wonderful!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hangin' Out

It's been pretty quiet around here but I thought I'd put a few pics of Fin up for everyone to enjoy.

Stealing Daddy's pizza

Playing ball with Taylor, Parker and Mavis.

Pushing buttons on Mommy's phone.