Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week One Down

Tomorrow officially starts week 2 of work/daycare. Week one went as well as can be expected. Fin did great at daycare. On Monday morning she gave me a kiss and a hug and never looked back. No tears from her which meant no tears for mommy:) Thanks to Grandma Deb she never had to spend a full day at daycare but she was a happy girl while she was there.

Work was good for me. Overwhelming but good. Every week will get better as I get more comfortable and I look forward to being comfortable!

Cody was in town this weekend to meet with a few job prospects and to see his family:) It was nice to see him and we even managed to look at a few houses. We, of course, agreed on nothing but luckily we have time to find something we both like.

That's about it from the Biz!

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