Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Most of you have probably heard that ND is having a bit of a water problem:) So far we are good at my parent's house but not everyone is as lucky. A few of my co-workers including the MD I work for, have been evacuated from there houses and Linton (small town 1 hr south of here where my Mom is from and some relatives still live) is almost completely under water. My aunt and uncle are stranded on their farm and today the National guard was there sandbagging.

Today we got a lot of snow that will make things worse for everyone so please keep us North Dakotans in your prayers. Supposedly the state has some specialists coming to use dynamite and "extreme amounts" of salt to break up the ice jams so hopefully that helps. For now we just wait...

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teacherwoman said...

This weather is rediculous. My parents were required to leave the house as well.